lunes, 1 de octubre de 2007

international city

My favorite internatinal city is Habana, is a nice clean a quite place for vacations, you can eat typical food of Habana, "The sea food is amaizing" you can spend some time whit your family drinking typical drinks like a "Mojito" and "Planter Punch" in Hababa there a lot of beautifull beaches, you can visit "Playa del este" is the best beach near at Habana, Habana is very quite, is a old city you can see old american cars is wonderfull, i hope you can visit Habana city.

city for vacations

The most beautiful place in Venezuela for tourist is "Tucacas". Is a small town, where you can go on vacation with your friends or family and spend some time. You should go on March or august, but you have to be aware because in those months everybody goes there. I think is one of most beautiful beaches, especially that Venezuela have. The beaches are so cool; you can see you toe across the water.There in Tucacas, you used to eat sea food or whatever you had prepared at home.The same is with the beverages, but you should drink a lot of water, because you’re all the time at the beach or the pool. You have a lot of beaches to go, of course everyone have something different, and that’s why is so cool go there. For me the most interesting thing is when you’re in the boat, crossing all the sea, to go for a specific “Cayo”.